How do I participate?

  1. Record something
  2. Post it on your social media or audio sharing platform of choice (SoundCloud, Twitter, Mastodon, etc.) tagged #novembeat
  3. Repeat

What are the rules?

What do I get for participating?

The satisfaction of having done it. And maybe you’ll get an album or two out of it.

Where are the prompts?

Starting in 2019, there are “official” prompt lists here. But feel free to make and share your own, or go entirely promptless!

Can I get my Novembeat posts/playlists/albums/etc. featured here?

Sure! If you’d like me to add something, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Some means you can use (from most- to least-likely to succeed):

SoundCloud playlists are preferred, but anything that’s easy to embed or link to is fine.

And of course, if you release an album with your Novembeat output, absolutely let me know!

What if I want to do it when it’s not November?

I mean, nobody’s stopping you.

If you want something a bit more structured, consider participating in Song Fight!.